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Lathrop GPM regularly briefs and argues cases in state and federal appellate courts throughout the United States. Our attorneys recognize that an appeal presents a new and distinct phase of litigation — it is rarely a “do-over” of the trial court proceedings. Case strategy and issues typically shift on appeal, so whether challenging or defending the decision in the underlying case, our attorneys focus on the factors that frame a reviewing court’s analysis of the case and drive successful outcomes.

Our appellate attorneys provide insight and value at every stage of litigation, whether it is working with trial counsel to evaluate case-dispositive legal issues, managing interlocutory appeals and post-trial motion practice, or navigating the complexities of an appellate court once an appeal has been filed.

Lathrop GPM’s appellate practice spans the entire range of the firm's litigation practice — from environmental and utilities cases, to commercial, franchise, personal injury, insurance recovery, employment and civil rights litigation. It also spans the spectrum of appellate matters — traditional appeals from final judgments, interlocutory appeals and original writs testing discrete issues or significant milestones, petitions supporting or opposing discretionary appellate review, administrative rulemakings or adjudications, and amicus briefs on matters of commercial or public interest. 

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