Inclusion Networks

Our firm is made up of individuals with entrepreneurial spirits and a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. Our inclusive culture is respectful of all people and aims to honor the uniqueness of every client, partner and employee. 

Attorneys and staff can participate in Inclusion Networks which promote understanding, spark innovation and celebrate difference. These groups focus on unique internal audiences, such as those connected by race and ethnicity, gender, identity and sexual orientation. They aim to elevate cultural awareness, develop leaders, and fuel retention within the firm. 

Lathrop GPM inclusion networks reflect and model our inclusive culture. Through these networks, we build trusting relationships, find common ground and identify areas for collaboration within the firm, as well as across our industry and in our communities, to create solutions. 

Diverse Professionals Network (DPN)
Serves the professional and personal goals of underrepresented attorneys by encouraging connections, networking, professional development, and engagement to build and grow impactful business, cultural, and social relationships. DPN meets bi-monthly and hosts an annual retreat for members. 

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Network
Advances the growth and inclusion of the Lathrop GPM LGBTQ+ community by promoting and supporting a respectful and welcoming work environment for employees to bring their true, authentic selves to the workplace. This network meets regularly and presents educational PRIDE month programming and supports LGBTQ initiatives within the community. 

Caregivers Network (CN)
Provides a platform for attorneys and staff members to discuss such topics relating to parenting such as parental leave, business development and client service, work-life balance, childcare, and other parenting challenges. CN meets semi-annually, or as needed. 

Aging Parent Network (APN)
Provides a support system and discuss available resources for planning and assisting elderly family members. APN meets semi-annually, or as needed.