Affiliate Networks

We offer our clients a rich network of national legal affiliations and associations.

Lathrop GPM has strengthened its international capabilities to provide clients with unprecedented and immediate access to qualified legal assistance in almost any foreign jurisdiction. As a MULTILAW affiliate, Lathrop GPM has the resources of more than 90 independent law firms in 100 countries worldwide, which amounts to 11,000 lawyers throughout Asia; Europe; the Middle East; North, Central and South America; Africa; and Australia and New Zealand.

Employment Law Alliance
Lathrop GPM is the exclusive western Missouri, Kansas and Minnesota law firm for the Employment Law Alliance (ELA), a powerful global practice network designed to help employers effectively deal with the highly complex and rapidly changing world of employment law and labor relations. This membership means that we can serve client needs by reaching beyond the extensive labor and employment knowledge base inside the firm when/if the need should arise.

ELA is the world's largest network of labor and employment lawyers. With leading employment, labor and immigration attorneys in more than 135 countries, all 50 U.S. states and each Canadian province, ELA provides multi-state and multi-national companies seamless and cost-effective services worldwide. International businesses benefit from ELA’s reach and deep familiarity with both the local laws and the local courts.

ELA membership is driven by quality. Firms are invited to become ELA members only after a rigorous due-diligence process, including consultation with experienced in-house counsel, judges, government officials and industry leaders in each and every jurisdiction. ELA lawyers consistently provide efficient, effective and timely counsel - 24 hours a day, seven days a week – right where they’re needed.

 Our ELA network and resources will prove invaluable to clients facing geographically diverse issues such as class-action litigation, union organization efforts and non-compete clauses.

Rutherford & Bechtold LLC
Attorneys practicing with Rutherford & Bechtold LLC are counsel to Lathrop GPM on a part-time basis. Rutherford & Bechtold attorneys serve Lathrop GPM clients on matters designated by mutual agreement of the two firms, with the consent of each affected client. Rutherford & Bechtold, located in Minneapolis at the Wells Fargo Center, is a boutique firm focused on complex finance law. The firm helps financial institutions, investment managers, borrowers, issuers, pension trusts, foundations and hedge funds meet their financing goals through insightful advice, innovative structures and sophisticated negotiating.