Lathrop GPM and Nine Intellectual Property Attorneys Earn World Leading Trademark Honors


IP Lawyers in Minnesota, Missouri and Kansas and Washington, D.C. recognized in global trademark ratings

(February 2023) – Lathrop GPM is proud to announce that the firm and its trademark attorneys are again recognized as global industry leaders, according to the World Trademark Review® (WTR) in its recently released WTR 1000: The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals for 2023. Nine attorneys are recognized as leading trademark lawyers in Minnesota, Missouri and Kansas, and Washington, D.C., respectively: Jennifer Debrow, Ashley Bennett Ewald, Dean Eyler, Lori Wiese-ParksAmy Brozenic, Travis McCallon, Luke Meriwether, Eric Sidler, and Sheldon Klein. The firm has IP attorneys across the U.S. who support global brands in all areas of trademark law from strategy through enforcement.

The WTR ratings are based on client feedback gathered independently during the annual research process. WTR 1000 is viewed as the definitive resource for legal trademark counsel and have repeatedly recognized Lathrop GPM and its trademark attorneys over the years.

Lathrop GPM is one of only two firms rated in the Gold Band in Minnesota. WTR summarizes the practice:

“Managing upwards of 17,000 active trademark applications and registrations, Lathrop GPM’s trademark team has global horizons and an outstanding overseas network of contacts. Whether registering rights, negotiating deals or litigating, the attorneys here focus on IP value creation. . .”

Jennifer Debrow, who leads the trademark team, garners enthusiastic praise from the market: “Jennifer is unwavering in her commitment to clients and to achieving goals under very tight timelines. She’s quick and accurate in assessing risks, options and opportunities, and provides great customer service.” Debrow is recognized with honors in the Prosecution and Strategy category (Silver Band).

Ashley Bennett Ewald was similarly praised as “extremely knowledgeable, highly efficient and a pleasure to work with” and uniquely earned high marks in both the Enforcement and Litigation category (Gold Band) and Prosecution and Strategy category (Silver Band).

Dean Eyler was recognized for his litigation acumen, with one client noting that Dean “can level the playing field for companies in disputes with much larger and better-funded litigants, thanks to his strategic approach, attention to detail, carefully crafted and persuasive legal arguments and judicious use of resources. . . . Dean is different because he focuses on and takes a personal interest in de-escalating conflict and driving successful outcomes, while not being deterred or reacting strongly to grand displays from the opposition.” Eyler is highly ranked in the Enforcement and Litigation category (Gold Band).

Lori Wiese-Parks is a seasoned transactional lawyer who understands the business of intellectual property. Wiese-Parks is individually recognized in the Prosecution and Strategy category (Silver Band).

Amy Brozenic, ranked in Missouri and Kansas, brings a keen eye to her prosecution practice, honed from years examining thousands of trademark applications at the USPTO.

Eric Sidler, Luke Meriwether and Travis McCallon, members of the IP litigation team in Missouri, “achieve serious results in IP disputes and enforcement actions big and small, from the TTAB to district court.” A reference described the team as “very organised and tenacious in their approach. They are relentless in gathering information. I give them my highest recommendation.” 

Sheldon Klein is a “recommended expert” in the DC Metro Area. WTR notes that “Nationally recognised trademark thought leader Sheldon Klein of Lathrop GPM supplies assured and sophisticated support to his numerous IP following that praise him to the skies.” One reference notes: “He is one of the most knowledgeable trademark practitioners I have ever known – not just the nuances of domestic law and practice, but international issues as well. He is one of the first who comes to mind when I need a thoughtful approach to a trademark policy matter . . . I would highly recommend Sheldon to any prospective client that is looking to have their trademark activities effectively managed and to have their trademarks well protected.” 

The full WTR 1000 2023 ratings can be found online at