Founded by firm attorneys in 2013, trainED is an outgrowth of Lathrop GPM’s Higher Education practice. It has become a nationally recognized provider of higher education training and compliance services, including compliance reviews and investigations. Today, trainED has provided training to over 200 higher education institutions located in nearly all 50 states, and has worked with a wide variety of institutions — large and small, public and private, religious and secular — on compliance issues.

While trainED specializes in issues pertaining to Title IX, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and the Clery Act, our experienced legal professionals have worked extensively with the full range of higher education compliance issues, finding solutions to protect institutions and their communities. Learn more about how our trainings and higher-education law experience will help you meet your compliance obligations and foster a culture of awareness and prevention on your campus by visiting

Training for Key Personnel

trainED offers a variety of comprehensive training options to satisfy your compliance obligations for individuals with heightened responsibilities. These trainings are appropriate for high-level administrators (including presidents and deans), Title IX coordinators and deputies, investigators and adjudicators, campus security personnel, human resources personnel, first responders, and anyone else who plays a key role in addressing Title IX complaints at your institution.

Our live trainings are available via webcast, with select trainings held in-person at our offices and at partner institutions nationwide. trainED also offers archived sessions for on-demand viewing.

Interim Title IX Coordinators

Institutions are legally required to have a Title IX Coordinator, but sometimes find themselves with an unexpected vacancy. trainED provides Interim Title IX Coordinator services, offering institutions peace of mind as they search for their next Coordinator.

Compliance Reviews

Our goal is your peace of mind. We know your legal obligations, and we know what government agencies and plaintiffs’ attorneys look for when conflicts arise. We offer an à la carte menu of services; you choose the policies, procedures, and practices to be reviewed. You receive advice from experienced attorneys, with the option of maintaining an attorney-client privilege for any opinions and recommendations that we provide.

Investigations, Adjudications, and Appeals

Investigating and adjudicating allegations of misconduct is difficult work, requiring the utmost care. Our skilled investigators, adjudicators, and appeal officers support your existing complaint resolution process, helping you avoid conflicts of interest while freeing your key personnel to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities.

No matter the scope of your institution’s investigative, adjudicative, and appeal needs, our experienced team can ensure an impartial and discreet process.

Speaking Engagements