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As part of our firm’s long history of helping businesses create best-in-class workplaces, Lathrop GPM attorneys have amassed extensive experience conducting sensitive internal investigations nationwide. Our investigations include those targeting C-suite and board-level executives, and range from small engagements involving a single investigator to those requiring a team of investigators.

We have decades of experience handling complex employment law investigations and beyond (e.g., misconduct, including sexual; allegations of violations of noncompetes or other restrictive covenants; misuse of company resources/theft, etc.). Our team is skilled at conducting vigorous investigations and defense of claims with minimal intrusion on day-to-day company operations. We help organizations navigate the process thoroughly and confidently from start to finish.

Providing critical investigation services.

Our experienced team counsels companies across numerous industry sectors through any/all investigation phases, including:

  • Assessment and identification of potential legal issues
  • Factual investigation, including personnel interviews and document review
  • Advice on the creation of internal compliance policies and ethical business guidelines
  • Advice on internal and external communications
  • Development of escalation protocols
  • Any interactions with state and federal enforcement officials/regulators
  • Post-investigation report and analysis of recommended actions
  • Training of in-house staff and HR teams on best practices

While we can work with and train corporate HR teams on conducting their own investigations, the process can be time-consuming for internal staff and may create conflict with senior/executive management. Our trained investigators have specific experience navigating complex legal issues, preserving attorney-client privilege, avoiding retaliation claims, maintaining confidentiality and preserving evidence.

Covering all types of allegations.

We carry out unbiased reviews of facts and evidence, provide detailed reports that contain legal opinions on any potential violations of state or federal laws, and recommend next steps regarding allegations of:

  • Executive misconduct/unprofessional conduct
  • Sexual harassment/inappropriate conduct
  • Discrimination based on age, gender, gender identity, disability, health status, race, religion, sexual orientation, et al.
  • Bullying/hostile work environment
  • Fraud/financial malfeasance
  • Whistleblower issues and claims of retaliation
  • Data privacy/confidential information breaches

Offering decades of experience.

Lathrop GPM has extensive experience conducting sensitive internal investigations, maintaining confidentiality and discretion, and working with employers post-investigation to implement all recommended action items. The broad range of our investigations includes:

  • Allegations that one employee of an international manufacturer sexually harassed another.
  • Complaints of sexual harassment against a contractor working on employers’ premises.
  • Allegations that a financial services company CEO harassed, discriminated against, retaliated against and stalked a company manager.
  • Complaint by a former campus security department employee of racial discrimination in hiring and promoting, and of sexual harassment and inappropriate sexual relationships throughout the department.
  • Complaints of discrimination and harassment based on sex, age and disability against public sector employees.
  • Allegations of discrimination and harassment by high-ranking corporate officials.
  • Allegations that the general counsel of an international company bullied, harassed and retaliated against employees.
  • Allegations by one employee against another of harassment; assisted in-house lawyer in final stages of investigation and separation of employee.
  • Complaints of bullying and hostile work environment by private sector employee.
  • Allegations that a board member harassed a top manager and that the company thereafter retaliated against the manager.
  • Allegations of harassment and retaliation at a nonprofit.
  • Allegations president engaged in workplace misconduct and bullying; assisted board member in investigation.
  • Claims of bullying and hostile work environment by several employees against their supervisor, the HR manager.
  • Suspicions of corporate malfeasance, including fraud and embezzlement, by employees.
  • Allegations of the disclosure of confidential/private/sensitive information by two employees against another employee.

Additional experience with:

  • Hotlines and other anonymous complaints
  • Grand jury investigations
  • Investigations by EEOC, DOL, DOT, OSHA, ICE, FBI, IRS and various state administrative agencies and regulatory boards, including state attorneys general
  • One-on-one employee coaching following investigation directed by employer

Nationally Recognized

Our work has saved clients from penalties, sanctions and lawsuits, and has helped avert diminished internal and external perceptions regarding business operations.

Our investigations have involved:

  • Fortune 100 companies
  • CEOs, General Counsel, high-level managers
  • Multiple states
  • Both attorney-client privileged and non-privileged investigations
  • Work in tandem with other Employment Law Alliance firms and through referrals from existing outside counsel and other law firms
  • Every protected class/status

In recent Chambers USA Employment Law rankings, our team has been referred to as “excellent” and “very thoughtful and responsive.”