Kansas City Business Journal Features Managing Partner Cameron Garrison on Firm's Mansfield Certification

Kansas City Business Journal

The Kansas City Business Journal recently featured Lathrop GPM Managing Partner Cameron Garrison in a round-up of local-area firms that have received the Mansfield Rule 5.0 Certification Plus.

Lathrop Managing Partner Cameron Garrison said the certification reflects the focus and effort the firm put into its diversity-and-inclusion efforts, which has become a core part of the firm’s culture.

"Something that we need to be working on together amongst all law firms is just attracting more diverse talent into the profession in the first place," Garrison said. "We need to be showing people what their successful career paths can be and just making it a profession that people are interested in joining. So that's something that I hope we work together as an industry on. Law firms and in-house legal departments need to continue to collaborate and work together to really kind of grow the diversity in our profession overall."

Read the full article here [SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED]: KC now has 14 large law firms that earned Mansfield certification for diversity.