Law360 Mentions Brian Holland and Benjamin Struby for Representing Plaintiff in Judge’s Decision to Grant A Motion for Summary Judgment


Law360 recently featured a Kansas City federal judge's decision to grant a motion for summary judgment brought by plaintiff Central Bank of the Midwest, against defendant Nueterra Capital LLC. Central Bank was represented by Lathrop GPM firm Partners Benjamin Struby and Brian Holland.

U.S. District Judge John W. Broomes found that Nueterra breached its guaranty contract with the bank, saying "It is clear that Nueterra executed the guaranty, unconditionally delivered the guaranty to Central Bank, and that Central Bank loaned the money to [borrowers Noble Health Audrain Inc. and Noble Health Real Estate II LLC] in reliance on that guaranty."

Central Bank sued Nueterra in June 2022, citing a March 2021 agreement in which Nueterra "unconditionally and absolutely guaranteed the prompt payment and performance" of the Noble companies' loan obligations.

The bank said it served default notices to the Noble companies and Nueterra in April 2022, but despite receiving the notices, they "failed and refused to pay Central Bank." 

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