Local & State Representation

The members of our government relations team have extensive experience appearing before state regulatory agencies across the country, particularly in the central United States.

We regularly participate in complaint cases before the Missouri Public Service Commission, Kansas Corporation Commission and Kansas Insurance Department, and have represented clients with regulatory issues before the Missouri Court of Appeals and the Missouri Supreme Court. Our experience involves many practice areas and facilitates clients involved in numerous industries and situations. We have a strong regulatory practice in the specialized areas of telecommunications, health care, environmental, insurance, tax, transportation, and utility law.

In procurement and construction matters, we have appeared before the Comptroller General at the General Accounting Office and pursued claims before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, Federal Energy Commission and the U.S. Court of Claims.

We also have experience drafting and passage of legislation that will help our clients be successful at the state level, and with ordinances and statutes at the local level.