Inter Partes Review

Inter Partes Review (IPR) became available for invalidating issued patents in 2012. IPRs blend litigation and USPTO prosecution skills in a proceeding before a 3 member Board of Administrative Law Judges having technical backgrounds suited to the claimed technology. 

IPR provides a relatively fast, effective, and cost-efficient tool for challenging patent validity. 

The Lathrop GPM Approach

Lathrop GPM’s IPR team has technological expertise and significant IPR experience that creates true value for its clients.   


We have represented clients in over 80 Inter Partes Review petitions.

  • In 2015, we were recognized as being in the top 25 of all IPR filers at the Patent Trial & Appeal Board with 2 of our attorneys ranked in the top 5 of all individual filers for the first half of 2015.
  • Patent Practitioners: Our patent practitioners, including 30 Ph.Ds. in diverse science and engineering fields, have expertise across a broad technological spectrum.  Our ranks include former Examiners and an Assistant Solicitor at the USPTO. 
  • Patent Litigators: Our patent litigators include former Judicial Clerks, and many have technical degrees and are licensed to practice at the Patent Office. 

Team Approach

Our litigators work seamlessly with our prosecutors to ensure the best technical analysis is presented in the most persuasive manner possible.


Our mission for every client is to achieve the best result. Lathrop GPM partners with clients and delivers the highest quality of legal services in an effective and efficient manner.

We custom-tailor our approach to fit your needs—we don’t take the decision to file an IPR lightly. We counsel our clients through the process of deciding whether to file an IPR or not—including analysis of the pros and cons of challenging validity at the USPTO versus in a district court.