Franchise & Dealership Terminations

Terminating a franchisee or dealer is a difficult decision that often involves challenging business and legal concerns. Questions such as should we terminate; can we terminate; and how do we terminate must be properly analyzed in order to limit achieve the objective while limiting legal exposure to the franchisor/manufacturer. Our team of experienced franchisor lawyers can help. We work closely with our clients to navigate the complex issues involved in franchisee or dealer terminations. Early involvement by our lawyers in the default/termination process can help keep a relatively small problem from turning into a large lawsuit. We provide business and legal guidance as to all available  options — and help tailor an appropriate course of action to achieve  our clients’ objectives. 

When termination is inevitable, our lawyers navigate the complex web of applicable state and federal laws — and assist our franchisor clients in documenting the default and termination process in order to maximize the likelihood of a good business and legal outcome. When termination disputes arise, our franchise litigators have extensive experience in handling challenges to termination, allegations of wrongful termination, injunctions seeking to prevent termination and enforcing post-termination obligations. Lathrop GPM franchise litigators handle dozens of termination-related disputes each year, in jurisdictions across the nation.