Liquor & Licensing Compliance

Lathrop GPM has a team of experienced attorneys and paralegals who assist clients with obtaining and renewing business licenses of all types, including liquor licenses and other  licenses and permits that may be required for businesses such as restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, golf courses, airlines, and movie theaters, among others.   

We can assemble the documentation and other information required by regulatory agencies, and guide your business through interviews and background investigations. Timing is especially important in the handling of applications for liquor licenses; we follow the progress of applications through any required regulatory or legislative meetings or hearings to assure that each license is issued at the appropriate time. Our attorneys can assist with the remediation of any violation of liquor laws that may occur. Kansas and Missouri also have certain residency requirements for liquor licenses with which we can help.

Our team represents several large chains of restaurants, hotels, and convenience stores, in addition to other businesses requiring liquor licensing. We also assist franchisees form their businesses and obtain the licenses and permits they need. As a full service law firm, Lathrop GPM is able to assist clients nationwide in other areas of law that figure into licensing, including labor and employment matters, negotiation of commercial leases, and zoning requirements.