AdAge Quotes Partner Mark Williamson on Private Equity Firms Targeting Ad Agencies


Advertising agencies saw vast M&A movement in 2023.

Lathrop GPM Partner Mark Williamson recently spoke with AdAge on private equity firms targeting ad agencies for M&A opportunity. Last year, Williamson provided counsel on Keystone Capital's investment in Kansas City, Missouri-based Barkley. While Williamson declined to discuss details of the deal, he did say it was indicative of what independent agencies typically have to do when they get to a large size.

"These advertising agencies get to a certain level where it becomes harder and harder for them to self-finance acquisitions," Williamson said. "There's a realization that they could probably be more of a full-service shop for their clients if they could acquire either new geographic areas or add agencies in new geographic areas or with some sort of additional scope."

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