Chicago Business Journal Quotes Partner In Charge Bryan Minier on Chicago office move

Chicago Business Journal

The Chicago Business Journal recently published a piece on the Lathrop GPM Chicago office move. 

Currently located on the 30th floor of 155 North Wacker, the firm’s Chicago office will move to a completely renovated space on the building’s 38th floor. The new layout and design will support the office’s continued growth and hybrid working needs.

Bryan Minier, Partner In Charge of Lathrop GPM's Chicago office said "I have a beautiful corner office in our current building, and it's the nicest office I will probably ever have in my life," Minier said. "It meant something for me to have that office, so to be frank I wasn't thrilled at single-sized offices and a hoteling concept which we will employ in Chicago. But the further I went through the process I think the trade-off is worth it and having a space that encourages interaction is more important with employees no longer coming in four or five days a week."

Read the full article here [SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED]: Lathrop GPM law firm downsizes Chicago office.