For the Defense Features Article by Mara Cohara and Ally Cunningham on PFAS Regulations and Litigation

June 2021

Partners Mara Cohara and Ally Cunningham authored an article for the latest issue of DRI’s For the Defense on the current state of PFAS regulation and the next wave of PFAS tort litigation against manufacturing companies that utilize PFAS in their products. The article, “Why 2021 Could Be a Year Like No Other for PFAS,” discusses proposed Federal rules on PFAS levels in drinking water, increased efforts by the EPA to test for PFAS in wastewater, and increased regulations at the state level for food packaging, medical monitoring, fertilizers, and more. The article also outlines changes to M&A activity (with some buyers now requiring investigations into potential PFAS contamination of the property), increased litigation, agricultural implications, and ways companies concerned about PFAS liability can prepare.