40 GPM Attorneys Recognized for Pro Bono Work


Forty Gray Plant Mooty attorneys were recognized by the Minnesota State Bar Association for their pro bono legal services in 2014. 

Leading the way for Gray Plant Mooty were attorneys Norman M. Abramson (253 hours), Max J. Schott (221 hours), Quentin R. Wittrock (206 hours), and Joy R. Anderson (202 hours).

“I think the work is important as there is such a large need for legal services for those who cannot afford a private lawyer,” said Abramson, a principal of the firm who advises clients on brand building, copyright and trademark law, and other intellectual property issues.

Abramson’s pro bono service often involves service to clinics. But in 2014 the majority of his work involved a property dispute between three sisters following the death of their father. In the case, Abramson successfully imposed a constructive trust that allowed all three sisters to benefit from the property.

“Having a lawyer help them can make a big difference in that person’s life,” Abramson said.

Attorneys must log a minimum of 50 hours of pro bono service annually to be recognized as a North Star Lawyer.  North Star Lawyers provided an estimated total of 108,300 hours of pro bono service in 2014, according to the Minnesota State Bar Association. Gray Plant Mooty attorneys accounted for more than 4,000 of the hours.  

Gray Plant attorneys also recognized were Adam M. Nathe; Ashley Bennett Ewald; Barry F. Clegg; Brianna M. Mooty; Bruce W. Mooty; Carl Crosby Lehmann; Catherine Bitzan Amundsen; Daniel J. Ringquist; Dean Eyler; Erin B. Stein; Gregory R. Merz; Hallie Goodman; Holly L. Malcomson; James S. Simonson; Jason Thibodeaux; Jesse A. Berg; Jessica B. Johnson; John M. Nichols; Karli B. Peterson; Kendra J. Geiger Hagen; Larry R. Henneman; Loren L. Hansen; Matthew P. Webster; Meg Martin; Meghann F. Kantke; Monica A. Kelley; Nancy Quattlebaum Burke; Norman Abramson; Pamela J. Kovacs; Richard C. Landon; Richard N. Flint; Samuel W. Diehl; Stephen F. Grinnell; Thomas L. Johnson; Wade T. Anderson; Lynne M. Ridgway; and Robert J. Walter.

Gray Plant Mooty is deeply committed to community service. Read more about the firm's pro bono work.