Title IX Coordinator Training: Duties Beyond Sexual Assault from trainED

Live Webinar


What? You mean there’s more? Recent guidance from the OCR emphasizes the role and responsibilities of Title IX coordinators beyond overseeing the institution’s process for and response to incidents of sexual harassment and sexual violence. Is your Title IX team aware of its responsibilities beyond sexual harassment and sexual violence? Have you assigned appropriate personnel to ensure that your institution is fulfilling all of its Title IX obligations?

Join us for a 60 minute training, plus Q&A, to discuss the OCR’s recent guidance, focusing on the key issues Title IX Coordinators have responsibility for and recommended best practices.  

Issues impacted by the new guidance include:

  • Recruitment, admissions, and counseling
  • Financial assistance
  • Athletics
  • Pregnant & parenting students
  • Discipline
  • Employment
  • Reporting