Medical Marijuana in Minnesota: Smoking Out the Highlights

Gray Plant Mooty
500 IDS Center
80 South Eighth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Firm Event & Webinar

A Roundtable Presented by Gray Plant Mooty's Health Law Practice Group

Minnesota recently became the latest state to permit the limited use of medical marijuana for treating certain health conditions. In early October, the Department of Health issued proposed regulations to implement the new law. Legalization affects a broad range of individuals and organizations—hospitals, physicians, and other health care providers that provide marijuana, companies interested in becoming manufacturers or dispensers of medical marijuana, and businesses that employ users. Please join Gray Plant Mooty for a roundtable to discuss the new law and its implications. Speakers will address:

  • An overview of the new law and the proposed regulations;
  • Providers’ options for ordering marijuana for their patients;
  • What health care facilities can do to accommodate or restrict the use of medical marijuana;
  • How the new law relates to Minnesota criminal law; and
  • Implications of the law for employers.

Featured Speaker

Manny Munson-Regala, Minnesota Department of Health Assistant Commissioner (overseeing implementation of the legislation)