Health Law Roundtable: Strategies and Challenges for Integrating Mobile Devices in Today's Health Care Environment


Firm Event & Webinar

Presented by: GPM's Health Law Practice Group

Smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices have become a major part of people’s professional lives. While these tools undoubtedly present opportunities for efficiencies in health care delivery, their use in today’s tightly regulated environment can create significant legal issues and operational challenges for health care providers.


For example, organizations face the following questions when it comes to the use of these devices in the workplace:


  • How does use of mobile devices by an organization’s workforce square with its obligations under HIPAA and state laws?
  • Can the use of mobile devices to treat patients raise medical malpractice issues or inadvertently create a physician-patient relationship?
  • What happens if a device with health, financial, or other sensitive information is lost or misplaced?
  • How does the use of these devices fit with an organization’s obligations under other laws, such as document retention and destruction, and the rules related to litigation holds?
  • What kinds of things can providers and other organizations do to make sure employees understand and follow the organization’s rules governing the use of these devices in the workplace?

We hope you will join Gray Plant Mooty’s Health Law team in a roundtable breakfast presentation and webinar to discuss this important topic.


7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.


Gray Plant Mooty (Minneapolis)