HIPAA Webcast: Tips and Traps for Health and Home Care Franchisors

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Handout: "Tips and Traps for Health and Home Care Franchisors"

Article: "Let's All Go to the McClinic: Franchising in Health Care Delivery"

Did you know that…

  • Franchise agreement provisions requiring franchisees to provide their franchisor with “customer information” about their clients may be regulated by the federal health privacy and security law known as HIPAA?
  • Information most franchisors collect from franchisees about their customers may not be collected by health care/home care franchisors without written permission of franchisees’ clients?
  • There is risk involved in collecting or using information about franchisees’ clients when they have not expressly authorized such use by the franchisor and any marketing firms or consultants with whom the franchisor may want to share the information?
  • A franchisee’s prior use of a HIPAA “Business Associate Agreement” may affect a franchisor’s remedies when terminating a franchise?

While HIPAA has been in effect since 2003, health and home care franchisors still struggle with many elements of this important law. But with federal and state regulators and the plaintiffs’ bar focusing increasing attention on HIPAA violations and breaches of customer information, it has never been more important for health and home care franchisors to have a strong handle on how these rules work.

Join Gray Plant Mooty attorneys Jesse Berg and Carl Zwisler on Thursday, April 13 for a webcast to discuss key HIPAA issues for health and home care franchisors.