Fundraising Fitness: Is Your Development Program in Shape?



Gray Plant Mooty's Charitable Gift Planning Team is pleased to host a webinar that is relevant to your organization's development program.


To be sure your organization’s development program is realizing its potential, you can start by asking two questions: What kinds of gifts should we be seeking, and what expertise do we need in order to solicit them successfully? Creating or updating a set of gift acceptance policies is a good way to answer the first question. It gives you an opportunity to reflect on the types of gifts that make sense for your organization. You can then ask what you need to know to solicit those gifts effectively. For example, if real estate gifts are on your list, do your fundraisers understand how to explain the tax benefits for the donor, and do they know the questions your organization should ask before accepting?  If you are hoping to attract gifts via charitable remainder trusts, do you know how a CRT works and what its benefits are?


This online seminar will discuss the basics of gift acceptance policies.  We will also explain how the most popular types of gifts work and why they are attractive to donors.