Franchise Joint Employer and Vicarious Liability Threats: Practical Steps to Minimize Risk



GPM's Franchise & Distribution Practice Group Presents a Live Webinar

Recent headlines have been filled with news of possible changes to the joint employer standard under labor law and its impact on franchising, yet little has been said about the practical steps franchisors can take today to prepare for these potential changes. Join us to hear tips from our franchise and labor law teams on how to recognize the risk factors in your system and what changes you can make now to minimize your risk.

This webinar will include:

  • A brief summary of the current state of the law
  • Potential/proposed changes in the law
  • What you can do now to minimize your risk:
  • Conduct compliance reviews—where are the pressure points?
  • Revise your franchise agreement (and FDD)—what changes matter?
  • Review your manual provisions—focus on the deliverables
  • Provide franchisor staff training—what should be covered and by whom?
  • Oversee support meetings with franchisees—where are the boundaries?
  • Review policies, directives, and other communications with franchisees—what to avoid
  • Address insurance issues—do you and your franchisees have the right coverage?

Our franchise and labor lawyers will provide you with a game plan for reducing your risk while maintaining the indispensable characteristics that make your system and brand successful. 

The recording of this webinar is now available here.

The accompanying presentation materials can also be downloaded here, and a supplementary checklist can be viewed here.