Employment Law Breakfast Briefing: Effective Use of Non-Compete and Confidentiality Agreements

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In this era of fast-paced technological changes and social media communication, it is becoming much more difficult for employers to protect their important confidential business information and trade secrets. There is a significant tension between the interest of a business in protecting the confidentiality of its valuable information and its interest in effectively using technology and online resources to market its services and products.  In addition, while technology allows employees to be productive and to help a business succeed through positive online activities, employee misuse of technology poses significant risks.

If a customer list, the details of a proprietary product, or company financial information gets into the hands of a competitor or, worse yet, goes “viral” online, a business may lose its competitive edge or its best customers.  On the other hand, the failure to use all appropriate avenues to disseminate information can hurt a company’s success. Employers must, therefore, consciously weigh these competing concerns when deciding the best way for their particular business to operate.

This presentation by the GPM Employment Law Team will focus on best practices for protecting your business's customers and confidential business information, including trade secrets. The presentation will also include tips to protect your company from possible related legal exposure that may be created by your employees.