Charitable Development Breakfast Briefing: Back to School - Dos and Don'ts With Endowed Scholarship Gifts

Gray Plant Mooty
80 South Eighth Street
500 IDS Center
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Live webcast

Firm Event & Webinar

Creating and administering an endowed scholarship seems simple enough: A charity accepts a gift, administers it as an endowment, and uses the annual draw to pay tuition of students. In practice, endowed scholarships must comply with a number of legal rules, so a charity that administers a scholarship fund must be sure that it is properly structured and that the donor understands how it will work.

In this session, Sheryl Morrison and Jennifer Reedstrom Bishop will address many questions:

  • When is eligibility for a scholarship so narrowly defined that the gift to create the scholarship fund is not deductible?
  • What scholarship selection criteria are permissible under federal law? Can a scholarship be awarded only to women, for example?
  • Can scholarship recipients be selected by a committee that consists of individuals specified by the donor and unrelated to the charity?
  • How should a scholarship fund administered by a community foundation be structured?
  • What rules govern a scholarship established by a company or its foundation for children of its employees?