Keep Those NLRA Posters Tucked Away In Your Desks!


You may have heard by now, but on Tuesday April 17, 2012 the D.C. Circuit (at long last) issued an order blocking the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from requiring most employers to “conspicuously display” a poster informing employees of the National Labor Relations Act’s (NLRA) provisions, pending their ruling on the appeal of the D.C. District Court’s decision upholding part of the rule (the part requiring the posting) and striking down other parts (including the penalty provision). Earlier this week, a South Carolina District Court struck down the rule in its entirety.  

The NLRB is deferring to the D.C. Circuit throughout the country, which helps address any ambiguity about the effect of these rulings in places other than South Carolina and the District of Columbia. The Supreme Court may have to weigh in on this eventually. The soonest you MIGHT have to post will be at the end of September. But for now (unless you are a federal contractor and have to post a similar poster anyway) --keep those posters tucked away in your desks!

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