2014 World Cup: Precautions for Brand Owners


The 2014 World Cup kicks off this June, placing Brazil in the international spotlight. FIFA has predicted over three million tickets will be sold, and it’s been estimated that almost a billion people tuned in to the 2010 Final alone. This exciting, high-profile event will provide valuable opportunities to increase brand visibility—particularly in Brazil.

To prepare, brand owners should make sure that they are taking precautions to safeguard their valuable Brazilian trademark rights.  Specifically, it will generally be advisable to:

  • consider whether any new trademark applications should be filed in Brazil;
  • ensure that Brazilian registrations are current, and that renewals are timely made; and
  • consider inclusion in the new Brazilian National Directory to Fight Piracy.

The Directory is expected to be an important tool in fighting piracy in Brazil and is the result of a partnership between the Brazilian Patent & Trademark Office (BPTO) and the National Council to Combat Piracy (CNCP).  It will be available to numerous local authorities—the Federal Police, Federal Highway Police, Internal Revenue Service, Customs, Federal Public Prosecutor, State Public Prosecutor, State Public Security Departments, and State Criminal Institutes—who will use the information to notify rights owners of ex-officio raids and retentions. In fact, notice will only be given to rights owners if they are included in the Directory.  

To be included in the Directory, rights owners must fill out an online application. We regularly work with Brazilian counsel and can jointly assist you with these issues and any others that may arise.