Lathrop GPM LLP Hosts Diverse Professionals Network Retreat


KANSAS CITY (June 21, 2023) – Lathrop GPM LLP’s Diverse Professionals Network hosted a two-day retreat on June 1-2 at the firm's Kansas City office. This exclusive event brought together a diverse group of attorneys, patent agents, technical specialists, and administrative leaders.

"This retreat exemplifies the firm's unwavering commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within the legal profession. We are committed to providing personal and professional development opportunities while cultivating valuable connections and collaborations to propel diverse legal professionals towards new heights of success," said Vanessa Vaughn West, Director of Diversity & Inclusion.

The retreat included a presentation led by Psychologist Lilliam Rodriguez and Behavioral Health Specialist Zina Navarro Rodriguez from the O’Connor Professional Group. The workshop empowered participants to maximize their unique strengths, embrace their individuality, and leverage the collective power of their fellow attendees. It also delivered practical strategies for personal and professional growth.

Lathrop GPM's Chief Operating Officer, Court Landon, led a comprehensive session that provided an overview of the firm's strategic goals, financial report and opportunities for development and success. Attendees gained insights about the firm’s vision and the business aspects of the legal profession, while engaging in dynamic dialogue and forming a deeper understanding of Lathrop GPM’s strategic direction.

To foster meaningful connections and networking opportunities, the retreat included a dinner with members of Lathrop GPM's Executive Committee. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with firm decision-makers, forging stronger connections and future opportunities for collaboration.

The retreat also included a creative networking event at Hallmark. This collaboration held special significance as Lathrop GPM shares a summer associate with Hallmark through the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity’s 1L Scholars program, which aims to strengthen the legal pipeline by expanding the number of opportunities for diverse first-year law students. The firm’s Summer Associates joined this networking event which offered a unique platform for participants to connect and cultivate new relationships.

Lathrop GPM's Diverse Professionals Network is a vital forum for diverse attorneys and professional staff within the firm. It provides a dynamic platform where individuals can exchange ideas, share experiences, and receive unwavering support for their professional and business development. Through mentorship programs and active engagement within the firm, the Diverse Professionals Network is committed to nurturing growth and empowering diverse attorneys to reach their fullest potential.