When it comes to legal compliance and risk avoidance, it is critical to train ownership, Human Resources, managers and employees. Knowing the fundamentals and how to issue spot areas of risk allows an employer to take proactive steps to ensure compliance and minimize personnel disputes. In addition to carrying potential legal risks, personnel disputes can negatively impact an employer’s day-to-day operations and bottom line by leading to poor morale, lowered employee attendance and higher insurance claim costs, employee retention problems, lowered productivity, quality problems, and bad publicity that, in this day and age, sometimes goes viral.

Lathrop GPM’s employment and labor team is highly experienced in creating and delivering customized and effective training for employers of all sizes. While our team can create customized training on any employment or labor topic, we routinely deliver training on such matters as recruiting and hiring, wage and hour issues, drug and alcohol testing, working with employees with health issues, discrimination, sexual and other forms of harassment, retaliation, and union avoidance. In addition, Lathrop GPM's trainED division provides training to higher education institutions on issues pertaining to Title IX, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), the Clery Act, and the full range of higher-ed compliance issues.