Pre-Issue Review

We review newspaper and magazine articles, as well as television news broadcasts and films – from the concept stage through final dissemination – to minimize potential legal liability. In extremely controversial pieces, we have participated in the editing process to ensure that editors, news directors and reporters understand the legal issues involved, and to suggest risk management strategies – always recognizing that the final decision to run a story rests with the client.

Our lawyers (several of whom are former journalists) have practical working knowledge of print and broadcast media, advertising and the internet, and use that knowledge to protect media clients from possible problems by:

  • Reviewing scripts, storyboards, b-roll and copy
  • Substantiating expressed and implied claims
  • Advising on privacy and publicity issues, and the likelihood of challenges
  • Identifying trademark, copyright and other intellectual property issues raised by content
  • Conforming content to the policies, standards and guidelines of all media, and answering any challenges by third parties
  • Reviewing plans for undercover or “sting” operations