Partner Bernie Rhodes Quoted by The Wall Street Journal After Police Raid of Marion County Record

The Wall Street Journal

The Marion County attorney has agreed to withdraw a search warrant and has asked that all seized computers and cellphones be returned to a small central Kansas newspaper, after a raid on the outlet's office and the home of its owners last week prompted national outrage from advocates for a free press and experts in First Amendment law. 

Bernie Rhodes, the lawyer for the local newspaper, said the decision to return seized devices was a step in the right direction but did nothing to satisfy the First Amendment violations that occurred when the search was executed Friday. 

He also said it wouldn't bring back Joan Meyer, the 98-year-old co-owner of the paper who died one day after police officers and sheriff's deputies searched the home she shared with her son, Eric Meyer, who is the paper's co-owner, editor and publisher.

The paper intends to sue for damages, Rhodes said.

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