Law360 Features Article by Ally Cunningham, Sarah Lintecum and Alana McMullin on Insurance Coverage for PFAS


Ally Cunningham, Sarah Lintecum and Alana McMullin authored the article “Cos. Should Review Insurance Policies For PFAS Coverage,” featured in Law360. The article discusses recent changes by the Environmental Protection Agency and other governing bodies to regulate PFAS, including its newly proposed EPA Council on PFAS, and the impact this may have on companies across the country with potential PFAS liabilities. In particular, the article addresses the importance of insurance coverage, stating, “With the immense costs associated with PFAS regulations, such as defending lawsuits, responding to government investigations, testing and data collection, funding remediation, and potential liability for alleged personal injuries and property damage to third parties, insurance coverage undoubtedly will be crucial to many companies.”