Multi-Unit Franchising

Our franchise lawyers have significant experience counseling franchisors as they contemplate the decision to move from single-unit franchising to multiple unit franchising. We have designed and drafted numerous variations of multi-unit agreements and programs, from area or multiple-unit development agreements, where the developer is granted the right to develop a geographic area with units owned by the developer, to master franchise agreements, where the master franchisee is granted the right to develop the area with a combination of units owned by it and units owned by other franchisees recruited by the master franchisee, to area representative agreements, where the area representative is granted the right to recruit unit franchisees to develop the area...and many variations in between and around those structures. We will help you decide whether multi-unit franchising is right for your system and, if so, which structure or variations on common structures will best give your system the greatest competitive advantage. We will also assist you in getting whichever structure you choose registered in the states requiring registration, and we will help train you and your staff on the issues that may affect your move to multi-unit franchising.

We have a thorough understanding of the business and legal consequences of multi-unit structures. Our lawyers have published books and book chapters on multi-unit franchising and delivered over 90 presentations to IFA and bar associations on multi-unit franchising issues. With the knowledge we have acquired, we review exciting multi-unit programs and quickly identify issues which can have a major impact on their success or failure.

We also have represented franchisors on multi-unit issues in class action litigation, represented franchisors and master franchisees in bankruptcy proceedings, and dealt with disputes involving all parties to 3-tier franchise agreements.