Neutral Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Recognizing the expanding role of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in litigation, Lathrop GPM has assembled a team of neutral mediators, arbitrators, hearing officers, discovery masters and other more specialized forms of dispute resolution providers. In addition to extensive training and certifications in ADR, our neutral dispute resolution providers are also known for their respective reputations as skilled advocates and litigators. They are frequent authors, presenters and trainers at litigation and ADR programs and on the roster of state supreme court ADR attorneys, the American Arbitration Association's panel of arbitrators and mediators, as well as other more specialized professional groups.  

Lathrop GPM has the physical, technological and human resources to provide ADR participants with top drawer dispute resolution together with a satisfying experience which will reflect favorably on any attorney who recommends our ADR services to a client. Lathrop GPM offices are located throughout the country. Physical facilities are well suited to ADR, including a mock-trial courtroom, multiple breakout rooms and technology specifically built to accommodate sophisticated presentations of evidence. Lathrop GPM ADR providers have access to all the latest forms of remote meeting applications in the event in-person ADR is either impractical or impossible. In addition to the personal experience of each ADR provider, our firm also has tremendous depth and breadth of legal experience upon which its ADR providers can draw for experience in rare or unique cases.