Seed Capital reVIEW - A Survey of Minnesota's Seed and Angel Financing Community


We are launching a new tool to help early-stage companies, investors, and Minnesota’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. GPM's Entrepreneurial Services group, with the support of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) and the Minnesota Angel Network, is pleased to launch the Seed Capital reVIEW. This is a survey that will gather and publish data about capital being raised by Minnesota’s start-up and early-stage companies (typically financings of between $100,000 and $2 million).

The survey data will be compiled from a number of qualified sources, including from investors and entrepreneurs. On a semi-annual basis, we plan to solicit information from investors and companies regarding deal terms of recent seed/angel investments. The survey will only take a few minutes per deal to complete, but is an important part of our efforts to provide relevant and useful information regarding seed/angel deal terms to the entrepreneurial community in Minnesota.

Please know that the identity of each investor or company completing the survey WILL NOT BE DISCLOSED. Contact information will be maintained as strictly confidential and will be used only for purposes of gathering and tracking deal survey information as well as ensuring the integrity of data collected (e.g. to avoid duplication of data).

On a semi-annual basis we plan to publish an overview of deal terms and trends. In addition, participants who provide us with survey data will be entered into a drawing to win a $250 Amazon gift card.

Please take a few minutes to provide us with deal data from the second half of 2013. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us Thank you in advance for helping to make the Seed Capital reVIEW a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and investors!

Click here to respond to the survey. (Please respond by Friday, March 21.)