The Capital Roundtable Conference



Gray Plant Mooty is pleased to cosponsor The Capital Roundtable’s full-day conference on Private Equity Investing in Franchise Companies. This conference will address PE firms’ strategies for consolidating moderate-growth, single-brand franchise companies into rapid-growth, multiple-brand platforms and other investment strategies for franchises. Register online on The Capital Roundtable’s website.

At this conference, you’ll hear from industry experts, including:

  • Thomas D. Christopoul, Conference Chair, Guggenheim Partners LLC
  • Eric A. Danziger, Wyndham Hotel Group
  • H. Scott Pressly, BIP Opportunities Fund
  • Michael B. Weinberg, Levine Leichtman Capital Partners Inc.
  • Mark A. Kirsch, Gray Plant Mooty
  • Burt Yarkin, McLean Group, LLC

Gray Plant Mooty conference attendees include: Sandy Y. Bodeau, John E. Brower, Mark A. Kirsch, Gaylen L. Knack, and Mark D. Williamson.

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Private club in midtown Manhattan, New York City