Peter T. Smith, Ph.D.

Dr. Peter Smith is a Technical Specialist in the firm's Boston office, focusing his work on the life sciences, with a specific focus on molecular biology and biochemical techniques. Peter has a diverse background working in cancer diagnostics, plant developmental biology, proteomics, prions, and genetic code expansion.

Peter has broad research experience working on molecular biology and biochemistry, starting with his work as a Graduate Researcher at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies on plant developmental biology while pursuing his master’s degree from UCSD. Peter then worked on developing new antibody-based cancer diagnostic tools at The Rockefeller University in collaboration with doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering and Cornell Medical School.  For his Ph.D., Peter worked in the laboratory of George Church at Harvard Medical School creating new proteomics techniques and improving genetic code expansion technologies.


  • Rich, B. S., Honeyman, J. N., Darcy, D. G., Smith, P. T., Williams, A. R., Lim, I. I. P., Johnson, L. K, Gonen, M., Simon, J. S., LaQuaglia, M. P., Simon, S. M. Endogenous Antibodies for Tumor Detection. (2014) Scientific Reports, 4, 5088. 
  • Boston

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    Boston, MA 02109


Harvard University, Ph.D., Biology, 2021

University of California, San Diego, M.S., Biology, 2009

University of California, San Diego, B.S., Biology, 2008