Lathrop Gage Joins with Gallagher Consultants to Create New Government Relations Subsidiary


Lathrop Gage Consulting Addresses Client Needs for Strategies Beyond Traditional Litigation and Regulatory Legal Practice

Jefferson City, Mo. (October 11, 2017) – In a move that will significantly broaden the range of strategy options available to clients, Lathrop Gage today announced the creation of Lathrop Gage Consulting LLC, a Jefferson City-based government relations and lobbying subsidiary.

Lathrop Gage Consulting will focus on helping clients address the increasing complexity of business and government interaction and offer a range of services including government affairs, lobbying and consulting. The subsidiary will be staffed by Lathrop Gage attorneys with significant experience working in state and federal government and members of Gallagher Consultants, which will be combining soon with Lathrop Gage Consulting. Founded in 1975, Gallagher Consultants is one of the oldest and most respected lobbying firms in Jefferson City.

Lathrop Gage Consulting will not provide legal services, but clients will have access to the resources of Lathrop Gage attorneys in offices throughout Missouri and the United States.

“Clients come to us seeking effective solutions to their challenges, and often those solutions go beyond traditional legal strategies,” said Mark Bluhm, Lathrop Gage CEO. “Lathrop Gage Consulting gives us the resources to help clients address legislative and regulatory challenges as well. The significant government experience we have in-house combined with Gallagher Consultants’ lobbying experience makes us one of the few law firms that can offer this array of options to our clients.”

The principals in Lathrop Gage Consulting bring a mix of government affairs, lobbying, appropriations, procurement and crisis management experience. Kansas City partner Jean Paul Bradshaw, a former United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, will lead the new subsidiary. Jefferson City partner Kurt Schaefer is a two-term Missouri State Senator who served an unprecedented six years as Appropriations Chair, giving him deep knowledge of Missouri’s budget and legislative process. Doug Nelson is an of counsel attorney in Lathrop Gage’s Jefferson City office and a former Missouri Commissioner of Administration where he worked with all branches of government and every executive branch department on contracting and procurement matters.

The Lathrop Gage attorneys will be joined by Harry Gallagher and Heath Clarkston from Gallagher Consultants. Together they have more than 55 years of experience in government affairs and lobbying and have been involved in nearly all landmark Missouri legislation the last several decades. Gallagher Consultants is widely recognized as the consulting firm with a pro-business client base.

Lathrop Gage Consulting will also benefit from the experience of Lathrop Gage’s David Shorr and Mary Birch. Shorr served as director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources under both Democrat and Republican Missouri Governors. Birch spent 18 years as president of the Overland Park, Kansas, Chamber of Commerce and facilitated the government relations efforts for the organization and its members at the local, regional, state and federal level. 

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