Gray Plant Mooty Attorneys Assist in the Publishing of The Franchise Law Review


Gray Plant Mooty attorney Gaylen Knack recently assisted with the publication of The Franchise Law Review - Edition 1 as the coauthor and editor of the United States section. Also contributing from Gray Plant Mooty include Sandra Bodeau, Liz Dillon, Danell Olson Caron, Quentin Wittrock, Karli Peterson, Max Schott, Michael Cohen, Megan Anderson, Jeff Karlin, Julia Colarusso, Maisa Frank, and Sheldon Klein.

The Franchise Law Review - Edition 1 provides an introduction to the basic elements of international franchising and an overview of the way that it is regulated in 33 jurisdictions. The review provides insight into various areas of franchising, including commercial planning, intellectual property, tax consideration, data protection, and resolving international franchise disputes. Edited by Mark Abell of Bird & Bird LLP, over thirty individual authors contributed to the overall publication. The review is available for purchase online.