Lathrop GPM Launches Blog Focused on Quickly Evolving PFAS Landscape


Lathrop GPM LLP is pleased to announce that it has launched “PFAS Playbook,” a new blog focused on regulatory and legal developments regarding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. The so-called “forever chemicals” are primed to be a major focus of litigation and regulation in 2021 and beyond.

“This blog will showcase the informed insights that Lathrop GPM brings to bear through our extensive experience in the development of regulatory strategy and litigation in the area of PFAS,” said Mara Cohara, leader of the firm’s Environmental and Tort Practice Group and a member of its Executive Committee. “Those insights and timely, practical guidance have arguably never been more relevant than they are now, given the converging regulatory and legal headwinds surrounding PFAS.”

PFAS substances have been around for decades and are known for their ubiquity and durability in products like firefighting foam, carpeting, and food packaging. But growing awareness of the potential health dangers has led to increased public and political scrutiny. President Biden, during last year’s campaign, pledged to designate PFAS as a hazardous substance and to set enforceable limits in drinking water.

“PFAS is just one of the many environmental issues poised to heat up under the Biden administration,” said Ally Cunningham, leader of the firm’s PFAS practice. “PFAS’ durability has made them both incredibly useful and environmentally challenging. That’s why companies facing a host of tricky issues will be wise to stay abreast of the important PFAS developments in the coming months and years.”

The new blog will focus on a host of issues, notably PFAS in wastewater and groundwater, PFAS in food and drinking water, and PFAS in consumer products including cosmetics.

Associate Matthew Walker will serve as attorney leader for the blog, with support from partner Ally Cunningham, both members of the Environmental and Tort Practice Group. Other members of the practice group will also contribute.