Firm Commits to Continued Action for Equity and Inclusion


Our nation is grieving and we cannot remain silent. The disturbing events of the last several weeks are a stark reminder of the dehumanizing practice of systemic racism that for far too long has been a part of life in America. Culminating with the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, these tragic events have heightened feelings of hurt, fear, trauma and anxiety for Black Americans.

We stand with the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, as well as the families of the countless victims over the past 400 years. We stand with those peacefully protesting all forms of racially motivated violence. We stand with our Black neighbors, colleagues and friends in rejecting racism and demanding justice. And, we grieve with the people of Minneapolis, as well as all the other fragmented communities working to rebuild relationships, broken systems and infrastructure.

Speaking up at a time like this is important, but actions will lead to change. At Lathrop GPM, we continue to make progress on our ongoing commitment to our employees, our clients and our local communities that we will be a partner in elevating diversity, equity and inclusion as a firm value. Now is the time to engage in difficult conversations and continue to foster a firm culture that values, respects and advances diversity and inclusion. We are unwavering in our commitment to those objectives.

We remain committed to identifying ways we can use our professional experience to advance these objectives. This includes providing pro bono support and assistance to those who have been impacted by the events of the last two weeks, as well as continuing our ongoing work with organizations such as the Midwest Innocence Project and The Advocates for Human Rights. We will also continue to pursue partnerships within our industry to promote progress. This means continuing to work with local and national organizations — such as Twin Cities Diversity in Practice, the Jackson County (Missouri) Bar Association, and bar associations in many of our other communities, the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity and the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion — to promote diversity and equity in the legal profession. We will pursue these objectives at all times, as we know that the change that is needed will happen in the weeks, months and years to come, long after the world’s attention turns to something else.

We realize there is more work to be done and we are committed to continuing this conversation. We cannot, and will not, remain silent.