Laura Labeots Quoted in Law360 on New IP Antibody Ruling


Lathrop GPM Partner Laura Labeots was recently quoted in a Law360 article capturing responses from attorneys on a May decision by the USPTO in a case involving means-plus-function claims and antibody patenting.

On May 17, the USPTO's Appeals Review Panel determined that Xencor Inc. didn't have to write out all antibodies equivalent to the one it identified when pursuing claims defined by their function, opening the door for patents with a broader scope.

Laura called Xencor's approach "clever," but wasn't convinced it would be change the game. "Patent attorneys have been racking their brains on how to obtain broad claims to cover a broad genus of antibodies," she said. "The ultimate result was that they still weren't successful."

Read the full article here [SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED]: New Antibody IP Ruling Still Needs To Be Tested In Courts


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