Partner Rick Kubler Quoted in Review of Key Takeaways From New EPA 'Forever Chemicals' Rule: Law 360


Lathrop GPM Partner Rick Kubler was recently quoted in a piece by Law360 titled "4 Biggest Takeaways From the New EPA 'Forever Chemicals' Rule." In it, lawyers' discussed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's new 'Forever Chemicals' rule, legal challenges they expect it may face, and some immediate effects. 

And parties that have already entered into consent agreements with the EPA over cleanups at polluted sites will be subject to reopener provisions that are ubiquitous in such settlements, according to Rick E. Kubler, partner at Lathrop GPM LLP.

"Regulators leave in some sort of a reopener in the event that there are emerging compounds or drastically changed conditions, because otherwise it would just be tax dollars available to address it. So that's very common," Kubler said.

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