Law360 Quotes Partner Alex Roje in Midyear Review: Top Property Insurance Cases To Watch

Law360 - Insurance Authority

Law360 has recently compiled a midyear review that highlights some of the top property insurance cases to keep an eye on for the rest of 2023. The review highlights novel climate change and pandemic-era suits that continue to compel insurance attorneys.

Lathrop GPM Partner Alex Roje was quoted in the review of the novel fight over climate suit coverage in Hawaii, a case with little precedent, in which the Sunoco unit Aloha Petroleum is seeking a determination that it's owed coverage from a pair of AIG units for two lawsuits accusing it of knowing that its sale of oil products would contribute to climate change. 

"From a pure insurance standpoint, I think the policyholders have a decent argument here," Roje said. "Let's see what the evidence is in the case, but from a duty to defend standpoint, at the outset of the case, you should be defending us."

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