Inside TSCA Features Article on PFAS in Food Based on Recent Lathrop GPM Webinar


Inside TSCA recently published the article “Experts See PFAS’ Ubiquity Undermining Efforts To Limit Ingestion Risk,” based on a recent Lathrop GPM webinar, “Exploring PFAS in Food,” featuring Lathrop GPM attorneys Mara Cohara, Ally Cunningham and Matt Walker, as well as Senior Principal Toxicologist at Geosyntec Travis Kline.

The article, and webinar, discusses the prevalence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in food-related items, from packaging to raw materials, and how this along with varying regulations make it difficult to keep PFAS out of food. The article quotes Ally Cunningham on saying, “… because PFAS is so common at every stage of its supply chain, from contamination near land used to raise meat or crops, to its inclusion as a nonstick agent in packaging and cookware. The need to consider every step of the supply chain, in addition to state-by-state differences in regulatory mandates, can be difficult for industry stakeholders to wrap their arms around.”