Industry Today Publishes Article by Allyson Cunningham, Sarah Lintecum and Matthew Walker on Federal PFAS Action


Attorneys Allyson Cunningham, Sarah Lintecum and Matthew Walker jointly authored the article “What You Need to Know About PFAS Remediation in 2021,” published in Industry Today on Jan. 28, 2021.

The article discusses increased government attention to PFAS, particularly in wastewater, and actions companies can take now to prepare for potential regulation requirements.

The article states, “PFAS efforts have gained traction for years across the country and continue to do so.” The article points out that more local governments will likely “ask for PFAS information in permitting in the months and years ahead. Individual companies, meanwhile, must review their wastewater for PFAS while simultaneously getting their houses in order when it comes to insurance policies — if they want to effectively garner recovery down the line.”