White Collar Breakfast Briefing: Governmental Investigations - Decision-Making in the First 24 Hours

Gray Plant Mooty
80 South Eighth Street
500 IDS Center
Minneapolis, MN 55402
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When the government comes knocking at your door, knowing how to respond is key—especially in the early moments. The early response can set the tone for the investigation and all the consequences that could follow.

Join us for a panel discussion on Monday, September 19, which addresses what to do during those first, critical 24 hours after the government launches an investigation or simply makes an inquiry. Panelists will examine the various ways that the government might inquire into your business activities and the ways to get your response off to a good start.

Issues to be addressed include:

  • How to assess the seriousness of the government’s knock on your door
  • What are the critical decisions to be made—and by whom
  • What decisions can/should be deferred until more information is known
  • When and when not to bring in outside counsel
  • What information should be communicated internally/externally—and by whom
  • What is an appropriate goal for the first 24 hours

The panel will include Barbara Tretheway, General Counsel at HealthPartners, Jeff Ostapeic, Audit Partner at BDO, and Bruce Daise, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at H&R Block. Joining them will be Gray Plant Mooty attorneys Julia Dayton Klein and Eric Yaffe, who have worked both on the government side of investigations and with clients in responding to government inquiries. Susan Gaertner, a former Ramsey County Attorney now practicing at GPM, will moderate the panel.

The discussion will be a practical, here’s what to do—and not do—during the initial stage of developing a response strategy.