Title IX/SaVE Act Boot Camp


Firm Event

Is your institution in shape to comply with Title IX/SaVE Act? Get fit for compliance with trainED's one-day boot camp. Higher education institutions are now legally required to provide specialized training on an annual basis on sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and related topics to employees with heightened responsibilities in these areas, such as Title IX coordinators and deputies, student services and human resources professionals, administrators, and campus security personnel.

Join us for a day of in-depth training to satisfy these requirements.

This training will cover:

  • Understanding the legal landscape of:
    • Title IX/Dear Colleague Letter
    • Campus SaVE Act/Violence Against Women Act/Clery Act
    • FERPA
    • Mandatory reporting laws
    • Recent resolution agreements
    • Identifying Title IX coordinator roles and responsibilities
  • Determining key components of lawful and effective policies and procedures relating to sexual harrassment and misconduct
  • Conducting lawful and effective investigations and adjudications
  • Providing services to victims of sexual violence
  • Creating a culture of understanding and preventing sexual violence

Participants will leave the Boot Camp with an up-to-date understanding of current compliance requirements and their heightened responsibilities and obligations.