Responding to “Kitchen Sink” Complaints Filed by Franchisees

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Franchisors often must respond to “kitchen sink” complaints filed by their franchisees. These typically contain every conceivable claim, whether viable or not. Courts generally look at these pleadings with disfavor because they shift the burden to the courts and the defendants (the franchisors) to determine which, if any, of the claims have legal merit. These complaints can also substantially increase the cost of litigation to the parties.

How should franchisors handle the “kitchen sink” complaint? Join Gray Plant Mooty franchise litigators Eric Yaffe and Iris Figueroa Rosario for a 60-minute webcast on Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017 to learn pragmatic and useful examples, tips, and best practices in addressing this all-too-common litigation approach used by franchisees.

This webcast will present: (a) the strategic considerations franchisors should weigh in responding to “kitchen sink” complaints; (b) the various mechanisms available to franchisors under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to respond to such complaints; and (c) typical claims that are included in these types of complaints and ways to address them.