Regulating Employee Off-Duty Conduct: The Legal Minefield Surrounding Employee Off-Duty Activities (St. Cloud)

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Today, mostly due to technology, employers have the ability to monitor employee off-duty conduct like never before. Technology, in the form of social media, has also been used to put pressure on employers to take action against employees based on the off-duty conduct. How an employer responds to these issues can create further conflict, legal ramifications, or a PR nightmare. Just what can an employer do in this environment?

In order to manage these risks, you need to understand the legal implications of the actions you may take to monitor and hold employees accountable for on and off-duty behavior and how to effectively manage your corporate philosophy with respect to such activity. Our discussion will highlight:

  • What you need to know to comply with federal and state law
  • An overview of scenarios the company is likely to face
  • How to analyze the business and legal ramifications of your actions
  • Recommendations about how to make your code of conduct comply with applicable law