Legal and Regulatory Requirements of International Franchising

Live webcast


If you are about to expand your franchise to another country, do you know how the laws of that country will affect the cost and speed of that transaction? Do you know if your business model is workable under that country's laws? What is the most cost effective way to learn what you need to know about a country's laws before you needlessly spend precious resources pursuing a deal that can't work as you had thought it could?

This webinar will identify the most common legal issues faced by franchisors seeking to expand globally, and it will address the most efficient ways of understanding and dealing with them. These issues include:

  • How soon should a franchisor know about legal and regulatory issues before committing to franchising in a new country?
  • What is the most cost effective approach to learning about legal issues in a new country?
  • What types of laws should be of concern to franchisors?
  • Which country's law should govern an international franchise agreement?
  • Where should international franchise disputes be resolved?